Renheim siblings dominated in Jyväskylä
By Youthstream | 12 Mar 2016

Jyväskylä (Finland) 12 March 2016 – Under the superb sunshine of Jyväskylä, Finland, the Swedish siblings Adam & Marica Renheim took the victory at the FIM Snowcross World Championship and the FIM Women’s Snowcross World Cup’s opener.

After a freezing night where the temperature went down to minus 10, this morning 30cm of ice overlaid the track and a hard work was needed to soft up the snow and create the perfect conditions to welcome the best Snowcross riders in the world.

In the premier snowcross division, 2-times FIM Snowcross world champion Adam Renheim couldn’t get more excited to be back in Europe from US. The Swedish rider had a perfect day which started with a second position in Group A Qualifying session and a well deserved victory at the final race. The Swedish sensation was the fastest rider at the opening lap, claimed the holeshot and lead for the whole race, ahead of the fellows Aki Pihlaja and Nisse Kjellstrom.

Adam Renheim admitted: ‘Riding in the USA is a bit different, but this weekend the track was very close to the American style. The start was super good for me and I had an even better final. I just came from the States a few days ago and I couldn’t sleep tonight because of the jetlag. I mostly train together with my sister as we are in the same team in the USA and we have a track at home in Sweden. We are flying back to USA tomorrow as there is one more race left, so it is a busy schedule now but I am looking forward to the next race in Norway! I am very excited as I see I have a shot now.’

While Sweden’s Nisse Kjellström did his best to keep the local hero Aki Pihlaja behind, with one lap to go the Finnish pushed hard managing to finish second in front of his enthusiastic home crowd.

Aki Pihlaja, who ended up second in Group B qualifying practice, felt satisfied about his results but he admitted he could have had a better start. Nisse Kjellström, who took pole in Group A qualifying practice, and rounded out the Final’s top three, said: ‘the weekend has been awesome. My snowmobile was good and the track was well-prepared, a bit rough, but it was fun riding it.’

Oskar Norum, after taking pole in Group B, was able to finish 5th but he was penalized with 5 positions after failing a noise control.

FIM Snowcross World Championship Final Top 10: 1. Adam Renheim (SWE, Ski-Doo), 16:21.872; 2. Aki Pihlaja (FIN, Lynx), +0:16.571; 3. Nisse Kjellström (SWE, Polaris), +0:20.565; 4. Viktor Herten (FIN, Lynx), -1 lap(s); 5. Adam Öhman (SWE, Lynx), -1 lap(s); 6. Johan Eriksson (SWE, Lynx), -1 lap(s); 7. Jonas Östbyhaug (NOR, Polaris), -2 lap(s); 8. Marcus Dorsch (SWE, Ski-Doo), -3 lap(s); 9. Juuso Loukko (FIN, Lynx), -3 lap(s); 10. Oskar Norum (SWE, Ski-Doo), -1 lap(s).

Looking at the third edition of the FIM Women’s Snowcross World Cup, the favorite and top qualifier Marica Renheim found a consistent rhythm leading the whole race after snatching the holeshot.

Marica Renheim was very satisfied with her performance: ‘Today I felt really good and I achieved my goal for the weekend. However, it was difficult flying from the USA just one day before the race. I did my best and it worked out, I had a really good start, I took the holeshot and I could lead pretty much the whole race. It was fun, very similar to US tracks, tight, big jumps and a lot of waves. I really enjoyed it’.

Swedish Emilia Dahlgren, who admitted to have a great feeling on the track, managed to wrap up third in Qualifying practice and hold on for second in the Final race with fellow Norwegian Marlene Andersen rounding out the top three.

FIM Women’s Snowcross World Cup Final Top Ten: 1. Marica Renheim (SWE, Ski-Doo), 11:25.805; 2. Emilia Dahlgren (SWE, Lynx), +0:28.460; 3. Malene Andersen (NOR, Arctic Cat), -1 lap(s); 4. Linn Sjöberg (FIN, Lynx), -1 lap(s); 5. Viktoria Kirkhus (NOR, Polaris), -1 lap(s); 6. Matilda Johansson (SWE, Polaris), -1 lap(s); 7. Matilda Norberg (SWE, Ski-Doo), -2 lap(s); 8. Elvira Lindh (SWE, Polaris), -4 lap(s); 9. Jenny Lundström (SWE, Lynx), -5 lap(s); 10. Noora Kursu (FIN, Arctic Cat), -5 lap(s).

Track Length: 440 m
Weather conditions: sunny
Temperature: +5°
Crowd Attendance: 3,500
Total number of jumps: 3

All the photos of the event will be available HERE and click HERE to obtain the complete results.

Second and final round of the FIM Snowcross World Championship and the FIM Women’s Snowcross World Cup will take place in Alta, Norway next 9th April.

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