FIM Snowcross World Championship

Snowcross is one of the most spectacular wintertime motorsport disciplines in the world. Riders from countries like Finland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Canada and USA attend the FIM Snowcross World Championship every year to show their abilities when riding their snowmobiles on the most demanding snow tracks in the world.

The FIM Snowcross World Championship promoted by Infront Moto Racing represents the maximum extent of the sport of Snowcross throughout all aspects, including both the sporting and organizational side. This offers a great range of opportunities for all parties involved which become directly linked to one of the most thrilling motorsports in the world.

The events run in a two-day format, traditionally Saturday and Sunday including the FIM SNOWCROSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, the WOMEN’s SNOWCROSS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP and the EUROPEAN SNOWCROSS CHAMPIONSHIP.